Digitising Lotus

September 03 2017

The Modi-Shah duo is known for their micro-management. Living up to their image when the two leaders took a class of BJP MPs after the end of Monsoon session of the Parliament, their emphasis was on how MPs should propagate their work through social media. Modi said it was abounded duty of the elected representatives to take government’s welfare schemes to the people. It was, therefore, necessary for them to have downloaded apps like ‘MyGov.in’ or Modi app on their mobiles. Thus they could act as a bridge between the Centre and the people. There is a special feature in Modi app called My Network. This idea basically emanated from Apple CEO Tim Cook who had passed it on to Modi during his India visit. This app works well on both iOS and Android.
My Network is basically Modi’s private universe where he communicates directly with people joining the app. There are different groups formed by Modi of his followers. Some members can also chat privately with Modi and there is no word limit too here like Twitter. Followers and fans are given reward points. One getting more than 5000 points get an orange tick and a badge of “super fan”. Union Energy and Coal Minister Piyush Goel has already pocketed this badge. People getting 2000 points are called ‘I know it all’ and those with 1000 points have to contend with ‘the explorer’ badge.

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