Didi’s hospitality

August 31 2014

Mamata Didi has high hopes from Central Finance Minister Arun Jaitley that he will give some attractive packages to West Bengal to take it out of the financial quagmire it is in. So a few days ago when Arun Jaitley went to Kolkata, Didi hurriedly invited Jaitley and his wife over. Didi knew that Jaitley is fond of his food and called up a few journalists who are close to him to ask about his culinary likes and dislikes. Mamata got all of Jaitley’s favourite foods prepared, and different kinds of kebabs were also on offer. Then Didi and Jaitley got talking in a closed room but the conversation soon turned heated and when Mamata is angry, her English becomes Bangla style. Jaitley kept defending himself in his clipped English, but when they couldn’t reach an understanding, an enraged Jaitley stormed out of the room.

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