Deafened Naidu

December 15 2017

The office of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu did not spare a moment to get stalwart JDU rebels, Sharad Yadav and Anwar Ali, out of the Rajya Sabha. That’s the rule, he’d argue. It is interesting, therefore, that cancelling the membership of former Trinamool Congress MP Mukul Roy’s Rajya Sabha membership is still hanging fire, and despite the fact TMC president Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly demanded this. Likewise, it has been long since the once close confidant of ‘Bahenji’ Mawayati, Nasimuddin, had quit BSP, but he remains a Rajya Sabha member, with all pleas to get him to vacate the seat falling on Naidu’s deaf ears. His orders are coming from a different source.

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