Cyber bombs on Harsh Vardhan!

October 30 2017

Union minister for science and technology, environment and climate change, Harsh Vardhan often misreads the saffron writs and wear them as badges on his wrists. Once he used to be the top mandarin of saffron politics in the Capital, but since the enshrinement of Modi in the Delhi Sultanate, his wings have been clipped. And this came into flashlights this Dipawali. It is known that the minister had for long been an ardent advocate of a clean and green Diwali, without firecrackers. So the moment the Supreme Court ruled that there would be no firecrackers allowed in Delhi-NCR, Harsh Vardhan took to his Twitter handle and wrote that this is a fillip to his long-standing campaign. That was enough to set the fire on the fuse of ultra-Hindutva elements. By then the senior Sangh leadership had made known its grouse against the order. And that set off the fireworks in the Hindutva camp, which started trolling Harsh Vardhan such viciously that within five hours, the hapless minister had to delete his tweet. Then and then alone could he receive Diwali greetings on Twitter.

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