Could the Chennai deluge have been averted?

December 15 2015

What you are about to read will shake you to the core and you will rue at the thought of an impotent democracy. Whatever happened in Chennai – death of more than 400 people and the loss of 25,000 crore – could have been averted in time. Six months before the unfortunate incident, a tender had been passed to clean and fix Chennai’s clogged and dilapidated sewer lines. In alliance with a foreign company, a big Indian corporation had got the tender, too. Sources reveal that a close confidante minister of the Tamil queen had some differences with the company regarding “percentage” Allegedly the minister wanted a fixed share of the total cost after tax. But the company was ready to give a part of the money before taxation. Just six months ago, 70 trucks had been sent by the company to clean and fix the sewer line, and 100 more trucks were ready. But the matter got stuck because of the commission clause; Chennai could not bear the off-season heavy rains and the tragedy occurred.

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