Corporate Sector could receive an 8 lakh crore package

May 20 2020

The nation’s economy has take a severe blow as a result of the lockdown due to Corona and the Modi government is also keeping a sharp eye on it. As a measure of damage control, a thirty percent deduction has been done in the salaries of government employees while the revenue department has released a notification saying that till April 2021, every month all the employees of the department will deposit their one day’s salary in the Prime Minister Relief Fund. Moreover the DA has been freezed till April next year. If the claims of the Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh, supported by the RSS, are to be believed, then from now there will be no increment and only thirty five percent employees will work in one shift. According to an estimate, with the deduction in salary and freezing of DA will save almost three lakh crore rupees of the government. India’s corporate sector has been demanding a fifteen lakh crore rupee package and it is believed that the finance ministry is mulling over the demand with utmost sympathy. So it is possible that the Corporate world could be given a package of 7-8 lakh crore rupees.

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