Congress’s age of revival

July 26 2020

If Modi’s nationwide invincible image is being challenged by someone, if someone is constantly asking him questions on Corona and China, it is the pair of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. In such a situation, the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh have started feeling that only Congress can challenge Modi and Yogi. So, knowingly and unknowingly, UP’s Muslims are returning to the Congress fold, while Mayawati’s inaction in the state and her ‘pro-BJP’ tone is also benefiting the Congress. Mayawati’s Dalit vote bank is rapidly shifting to the BJP and Congress. The Dalits are not willing to go with the Yadavs, as has been observed by SP through its alliance with the BSP in the last election. Priyanka Gandhi has put a lot of effort to revive the Congress in UP and has set up committees in almost every district of UP. Lucknow is the most suitable place for her to control these efforts to revive UP Congress, so Priyanka now wants to set up her camp in Lucknow itself. At the same time, Priyanka’s eyes are also on the Brahmin votes of the state, about whom she believes that they are feeling cheated in Yogi Raj, the Brahmins feel that since the Thakurs are in the government in the state, that is why criminals like Raja Bhaiya are also untouched. In order to draw Brahmin votes from the Congress, Priyanka has put forward the face of Jitin Prasad in UP.

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