Congress’s 85th session will end prematurely

February 20 2023

The shadow of uncertainty is hovering over the Raipur session of Congress. Earlier this 85th session of Congress was called in Raipur for three days i.e. from 24 to 26 February. Now it is believed that instead of 24, the session will start on 25 and end on 26. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on this conference because after 26 years the elections of the Congress Working Committee were to be held. But now it is believed that this CWC election will be postponed and party president Mallikarjun Kharge will be authorized to elect a representative for the working committee by show of hands, which he will decide after returning to Delhi. Of the 23 members of the Congress Working Committee, 12 were to be elected by the AICC delegates, and 11 were to be nominated by the President. But it seems that there will be no election now, because there are indications of irregularities in the AICC list as well. Differences have been found in the list of about 1300 AICC representatives from 29 states and union territories and the list provided by the PCC, raising questions about the role of Madhusudan Mistry and VP Singh of the election committee, who have included the names of their favorite people in the list. More or less similar errors were also seen in the list of delegates during the election of the party President as well.

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