Congress under a debt of Rs 300 cr

December 01 2014

Politics is, indeed, a fickle partner. The party that, until a few months ago, had moneybags do its bidding, has to suffer empty coffers today. The party is in desperate need of funds; in fact, this paucity of funds started happening since the last General Elections, when big industrial houses read the writing on the wall and started to turn away from the Congress. The result was the party came under heavy debts from the banks. Sources reveal that the Congress has overdrafts to the tune of Rs 300 crore with several banks. Those on whom the party put the responsibility of bringing in funds turned up to be cipher. There is no one in Rahul’s team who can shoulder the hopes of the sinking party. Thus, Sonia has decided that it is better to let go off the new fund managers of the party and to bring in the old loyalists. Thus, Sonia’s trusted army seems to be back in action.

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