Congress has forgotten Ahmed

November 28 2017

Once upon a time in Gujarat, the Congress’ almighty Ahmed Patel was the supreme authoritarian. He was the sole decision-maker on all major issues related to the state. But ever since the change in throne supremacy of the party has started shaping up, and Rahul Gandhi has taken-over the decision maker’s spot from Sonia, Patel’s aura has been over-shadowed. The pro-Dalit-Muslim Congress of Gujarat has this time shifted its focus to Hindutva. This has upset the Muslim community in the state, but they remain stuck with the party wondering where else would they go?
On the other hand, in his new found love for Hindutva, Rahul has yet neither visited any ‘dargah’ and performed any ‘azaans’, nor does he intend to. In contrast, Rahul is now orbiting the walls of temples and very much inclined to prove himself as a ‘true Hindu’. The first list of Congress has been released and only two Muslim candidates have been given tickets. In fact, Alpesh Thakore, Jignesh Mavani and Hardik Patel’s choices have booked higher number of slots. Majority of the Muslim population in the state considers the Patidars as the biggest villain of the Gujarat riots, yet Rahul is busy pleasing Hardik. The ritual of politics is unique – often the new interests fade out the old.

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