Congress bets for 50 seats

July 18 2016

Congress’ strategist Prashant Kishore has made it clear to Rahul that in UP, the Congress is fighting the number four fight. Priyanka is also said to be of the opinion that be it the SP or the BSP’s government in the state, it will make no difference to the Congress. Both Priyanka and Prashant agree that this time the BJP has to be stopped, and to stop Modi’s Ashvamedha horse that is galloping from Assam to Lucknow. Sources say the Congress has investigated about 100 Assembly seats, where it will give its all. When a prominent party leader lamented a paucity of funds, “We are not in a position to pour in all our resources in the 403 seats.” Sources say Prashant has got Rahul to speak with Nitish, and thus a coalition between the Congress and JD-U is taking shape, and the Congress is hoping to get Kurmi votes. A popular UP Congress leader has made it clear that if the Congress manages to win even 50 seats, it might agree to a coalition with the BSP.

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