Compromise Camaraderie

November 06 2016

The Chairman and Managing Director of Mathrubhumi, Kerala’s – and perhaps India’s largest selling ‑ vernacular daily, Virendra Kumar, took an initiative to end the tussle in the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Kumar, a former MPsaw to it that the two warring leaders of party – General Secretary Sitaram Yechury and former G-Sec Prakash Karat, with wifes Seema Chishti and Brinda Karat in tow, went for lunch on Diwali eve, at an affluent South Delhi restaurant, Kathputli. The lunch paved the way for the much needed reconciliation between Karat and Yechury. It was decided that if Yechuri leaves his post of General Secretary, he will recommend Brinda as his successor. Karat held on to his position that the party G-sec cannot be the member of the Rajya Sabha.
It was agreed that if Yechury wants to remain MP, he should leave the party post. It is said that Karat was quite emotional while suggesting his wife’s name. He even said that she is so dedicated to the party as to forego motherhood.

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