Chidambaram’s ‘letter bomb’

September 25 2017

Former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram is on the target Modi government. Investigative agencies are tightening the noose around his son Karthi Chidambaram. During his reign in power, he had always been vociferous against the BJP. But this time when his son is likely to be put behind the bars, Chidambaram sought an appointment with Sonia and Rahul. He was worried about lack of support from both the Congress and its leaders. He tried to speak to Sonia on phone but she did not take his call. PC even tried to meet Rahul Gandhi 3 days before Rahul left for America but in vain. This infuriated Chidambaram so much that he sent a very strongly worded epistle to the Congress President which said, ‘if my son goes to jail it would not be good for anybody neither you, the party and nor the Gandhi family.’
Chidambaram wrote that as a Minister whatever he did was on the directives of Gandhi Family. But he can not abandon his son when latter is in trouble. There was a clear sound of rebellion in the letter. But before the rebellion could take shape Chidambaram was summoned by 10 Janpath. He was told that he is a very senior leader of the party and such language does not behove him. This was followed by some emotional exchanges. The result was evident the next day when entire Congress Party came forward to differ PC and Karthi both. The party convened a special press conference for the purpose.

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