Chidambaram v/s Commissioner

January 19 2014

An income tax commissioner has waged war against the finance minister. It is believed that Mr. Commissioner has sent a report to his department saying Chidambaram’s son Karthik Chidambaram has acquired money through illegal means. He has requested the senior officers in his department to probe the matter thoroughly. When news of this reached Chidambaram, he claimed Mr. Commissioner was a psycho. The commissioner did not take kindly to the comment at all and got a “normal” certificate from AIIMS and attached it to the report. The thing didn’t stop there– two cases of sexual molestation were slapped against the commissioner. When proceedings against the commissioner started, he went CAT and the women refused to being sexually molested in any way. When Mr Commissioner realised that fighting the government is not that easy, he went knocking on the doors of Ram Jethmalani and Jethmalani  has written a letter to Chidambaram in his capacity as a senior advocate, and asked for answer in relation to discrepancies in Karthik’s accounts. But a prominent industrialist of the country has pulled up his socks and wants to sort things out between Chidambaram and Ram Jethmalani, considering he is considered to be close to both of them. Now Mr Commissioner doesn’t know where to go.

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