Change is afoot in the government

January 25 2016

It was quite a task for Narendra Modi to make Amit Shah the party president for another three years. For someone full of self-importance, it can’t be easy to go and knock on people’s doors. But for his Gujarati friend, Modi didn’t let anything get in the way. He had several rounds of talks with the Sangh about this, and the rest of it was taken care of by Nitin Gadkari, who has recently emerged as a staunch loyalist of Modi. It is said that under pressure from his family, Gadkari thought it better to stay in the government rather than go with the Sangh, and this worked in Shah’s favour. That is because as the party’s next president, Nitin Gadkari had emerged as the unanimous choice of the Sangh. Once Gadkari was on board, it wasn’t tough for Modi to get Sangh and other party leaders see his point of view. This time, Amit Shah might take great care in choosing his team and will put his stakes on people who will win. Thus, in Team Shah you might see faces that have a rebellious image. But these people have influence in their native states. Thus, you might see in Shah’s team a large number of such leaders who can’t be put in the “pet” category. Sources say about three to four ministers from the Centre might be put to serving the organization. And because the Budget session is due on February 23, Modi might bring about a big change in his Cabinet before that. Ministers above 75 years of age might be relieved of their services in the Cabinet. Considering Assembly elections in seven states, the exercise to include them in the Cabinet might be carried out. Several heavyweight ministers might see their portfolios being changed, and those who handle more than one ministry might see their responsibilities decreasing. But the date of this reshuffle is probably known to only the prime minister and no one else.

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