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Haryana Congress’ infight benefits BJP

Posted on 19 June 2022 by admin

How did Rahul’s close aide Ajay Maken finally get defeated by just half a vote in Haryana’s Rajya Sabha elections? Its script was written at the same time when the top leadership of Congress handed over the entire reins of Haryana to Bhupinder Singh Hooda. If sources are to be believed, Hooda’s opponents, stunned by this, gathered at Kiran Chaudhary’s farm house. Word is that Kuldeep Bishnoi, Kumari Selja and Kiran Chaudhary were also present in this secret meeting. It is said that it was decided in this meeting that Kuldeep Bishnoi would first blow the bugle of protest. This protest will be indirectly supported by Kiran Chaudhary. So, when Kiran Choudhary’s vote was canceled in this time’s Rajya Sabha election, senior Congressmen clenched their fists, because there was no room for error in the vote for Kiran Choudhary, because before now she had successfully voted in six such elections.

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(Hindi) एक अनार सौ, बीमार

Posted on 03 January 2022 by admin

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hindi.

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(Hindi) …और अंत में

Posted on 28 August 2021 by admin

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…And finally

Posted on 06 June 2021 by admin

These days the stars of BJP’s National Organization General Secretary BL Santosh are on the seventh sky. For BJP, he remains the same jack of all trades. Ever since Dattatreya Hosabole has become the new Sarkaryawah of the Sangh, it has resulted in a lottery for Santosh, because he is not only the same caste Brahmin as Hosabole, but he also comes from the same village in Karnataka, which is also Hosabole’s own ancestral village. The friendship of these two is also very old. It is said that BL Santosh has a heartfelt wish that one day he should also become the Chief Minister of Karnataka, perhaps this is the reason why he does not like BS Yeddyurappa. Since the time Santosh has gained strength in BJP, the discontent of ministers and MLAs against Yeddyurappa is making new developments every day, but it will be interesting to see if Santosh’s stars take him to the CM’s chair now?

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(Hindi) क्या हिंदुत्व का कार्ड फिर से चलेगा?

Posted on 06 June 2021 by admin

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Rampage in TMC, BJP in a messed up state

Posted on 04 January 2021 by admin

The speed with which a stampede of senior leaders has occurred in Didi’s ie Trinamool Congress (TMC) wherein many major leaders are defecting to the BJP and bidding adieu to TMC, it has increased the heartbeat the BJP leaders of West Bengal. TMC government’s minister Shubhendu Adhikari, once considered to be very close to Mamata, joined BJP in Amit Shah’s presence and his supporting MLAs are also joined the saffron party, like the bahubali leader from Asansol and TMC MLA Jitendra Tiwari also came to the BJP’s court. BJP MP from Asansol, Babul Supriyo, exasperated with the development, has expressed his feelings on his Facebook wall in a hurry saying that he is opposed to those leaders coming to BJP on whose behest Supriyo’s supporters were beaten. It is also heard that the supporters of Babul Supriyo are tearing the banners and posters proclaiming Jitendra Tiwari joining BJP. Truth be told, Babul is not alone in this situation since a large number of BJP leaders from West Bengal believe that the leaders of the TMC and other parties coming to the BJP ahead of the elections have minimized their and their supporters’ chances of getting tickets.

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Government surprised on PK’s flight!

Posted on 20 May 2020 by admin

Just before lockdown when Prashant Kishore received an urgent call from West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee calling him to Kolkata, however at that time PK was stuck in the lockdown. The central agencies were were surprised as to how within a few day of the call, PK managed to reach Kolkata. A newspaper carried the news that PK reached the city of Joy in a Cargo airliner, based on which the central government sought a report from DGCA and BCAS and in a haste all the footage from Kolkata and Delhi were searched but the investigating agencies did not find success. On the other hand PK has been claiming that he did not take any flight after 19th March, but the question still remains as to how did he reach Kolkata amid lockdown? PK prefers to stay silent over this point. Since the news has come that Mamata Banerjee has been hiding the true number of Corona patients, the Central has taken a stern stance. On 19th April, the Home Ministry sent two teams to Bengal since the Central Government had received intel that Corona is spreading fast in Kolkata, Hawra, Medinipur, 24 Pargana, Kalimpong, Jalpaiguri and North Darjeeling but the state government is hiding the facts realted to it. PK has a good grsp over the health sector and it is possible that Mamata wanted to hold an important discussion with him on Corona.

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Short and sweet

Posted on 13 December 2014 by admin

The Prime Minister does not like the long-winded speeches by his Cabinet ministers. So he has sent clear directions to them that the ministers be thrifty with words during Cabinet meetings. Modi also does not like his ministers to attend wedding ceremonies, and he has told his ministers that it would be better if they concentrate on their work instead of attending such social functions.

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The magic number

Posted on 01 June 2014 by admin

As much faith as Chandrashekhar Rao has in astrologers and experts at Vastu Shastra, the same faith he has on numerology. Seeing the 119-member Telangana Assembly, Rao should make 18 out of them as state ministers but he will have only 14 ministers because the number becomes 15 if he adds himself, too. Adding the two numbers makes is six, a number that is extremely lucky for Rao.

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What will Yeddyurappa do?

Posted on 20 November 2012 by admin

When senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley went to meet Yeddyurappa in Bengaluru recently, he went with an open mind and open to all possibilities. Jaitley knew that since Yeddyurappa had in a way announced the formation of his party will be done on December 9, it will not be easy to sway him from his decision. In the changed equations, Jaitley wanted to know if Yeddyurappa’s party will join the NDA after the 2014 elections. Yeddyurappa maintained a silence on the question and said he will consider it when the time comes. It is interesting to note that Yeddyurappa is upset with Jaitley and Gadkari to the same degree and is in touch with Pranab Mukherjee and Hansraj Bhardwaj at the moment. During the Presidential elections, too, he had voted in favour of Pranab Mukherjee. It is, thus, likely that he is finding a position for himself within the UPA.

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