Carnatic Calculations

April 17 2017

The BJP is sanguine of its bumper win in the Karnataka state polls. This has been supported by the report of the survey agency placed with Amit Shah. The latter apparently had been toying with the idea till not long ago that the party would go to the polls with Yeddyurappa as its face. But after the UP polls set the tone, Shah has decided that even in the southern state, Modi will be the party’s face. And after the expected win, Shah will personally announce the name of the CM, or that is the plan. Meanwhile, HD Deve Gowda’s son HD Revanna is gearing up to change into saffron robes. And it is well known that former Union Foreign Minister of Congress, SM Krishna has already joined the saffronites. What is less known, birds and bees tell us, is that Krishna was compulsed to do this because while he was foreign minister, he had set up many of his relatives and acolytes in businesses on various African countries and this scam was about to be broken by the powers that be currently. So a slithering Krishna joined the Congress’ nemesis.

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