Cabinet expansion postponed!

December 13 2020

Till some time back, there were indications that the long-awaited expansion of the Modi cabinet could take place on 8 or 9 December, but when the farmer agitation gained momentum in Delhi, this program of the extension was postponed. If sources are to be believed, now that ‘Kharmas’ has started and the auspicious days will now start after January 14, only then will this scheme of cabinet expansion be able to take off. The budget session of Parliament is going to start from 31 January which will run till April. In the generally accepted traditions, the cabinet reshuffle or expansion does not take place when the House is in session, so it is possible only between January 14 and January 30 or maybe expected in May after the end of the budget session. The government will also complete two years in May. In the probable are people like Jyotiraditya Scindia who have been in the queue to become ministers since March. Moreover, two or three ministers may be discharged from Bihar while the luck of Sushil Modi and Sanjay Jaiswal may shine. A big surprise could come in the face of Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi from UP since he is a well-read individual who can think and as a Brahmin face from UP< he could get Sangh's support also. Although this time, two Brahmin faces - Seema Dwivedi and Haridwar Dubey - have got a place in Rajya Sabha from UP, Dr. Trivedi is a much more heavyweight name than them. In view of the ongoing farmer movement, some leaders from Haryana can also it 'lottery' and given a berth. Manoj Tiwari, Pravesh Verma, or Meenakshi Lekhi could be the names from Delhi while the names of Roopa Ganguly, Dilip Ghosh, and Lockett Chatterjee are doing the rounds from Bengal. Bhupendra Yadav, Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Ram Madhav, Anil Jain's name has been going on since long. If the YSR Congress joins the NDA, they can also be represented in the Modi cabinet. Moreover, JDU ministers can also join the government.

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