Cabinet expansion on 10 July

June 01 2014

It is believed that Modi might expand his Cabinet in the second week of July, most probably by 10 july. 15 more ministers may join him, of which four may be Cabinet and 11 state ministers. That is because prior to this, prominent party leaders were lobbying aggressively for their sons and daughters to be made ministers. The maximum lobbying was done by Vasundhara Raje for her son Dushyant, for whom she wanted a place in Modi’s Cabinet. She had got the party a 25-0 win from Rajasthan. But where Prime Minister Modi is concerned, he is strictly against dynastic politics. So, until the last minute he kept repeating that she send a different name than Dushyant but Vasundhara also stuck to her guns. Similarly, Yashwant Sinha was speaking in favour of his foreign-returned son Jayant Sinha, Raman Singh was lobbying for his son, late Pramod Mahajan’s daughter Poonam Mahajan was trying to turn matters in her favour by getting prominent Sangh leaders speak in her favour. Late Sahib Singh Verma’s son had his own claims, Varun Gandhi’s name featured from Sangh’s behalf, Dhumal’s son Anurag Thakur’s name was also in the fray, but Modi maintained his clear stance that he will not like to see politician’s son or daughter become a minister and he didn’t go back on his word. At present, Modi Cabinet has 45 ministers and Modi wants to push the figure to 60. Thus in the days to come, 15 lucky people will hit the jackpot.

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