But it didn’t work out

April 26 2016

The meeting with Shah filled Ajit Singh with a spurt of energy. A big group of his party workers from Muzaffarnagar went to meet him the next day, and some of these also had feelings for the BJP. Sources say that during the conversation, Ajit Singh revealed a little too much to the workers, and said that it wasn’t he who went to the BJP, but it was the BJP’s top leadership that came to meet him. One worker asked, “Choudhary sahib, how many seats will the BJP give us in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections?” Choudhary sahib admonished the worker and told him not to see so far into the future, and that they will decide on things only after sensing which way the winds are blowing at that time. Sources say that Central minister for state Sanjiv Baliyan told this to Amit Shah, and Shah was extremely upset at this. He cancelled the meeting that was to take place with Ajit and Jayant, and sent a message to Ajit that the meeting will take place in May, when the results for the Assembly elections will be out.

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