Boss has Bose’s files

December 06 2015

Through the medium of revealing more from confidential files of Subhash Chandra Bose, the Modi government has initiated work to ensure the Congress is on a shaky wicket in the Bengal elections. Sources say that as more and more is revealed from Bose’s files, the Gandhi-Nehru family will have to feel more and more heat. Reliable sources with the government have revealed that the Modi government has strategically divided all the files and reports related to Netaji. The files have been divided into top secret, secret, classified, and unclassified categories. Apart from this, 29 files are with the foreign ministry. Nearly 10 lakh papers are with the home ministry, which include reports by secret agencies and the police. Top secret files are with the PMO, from which two big secrets might be revealed – How did Netaji suddenly vanish? Two, how did he die? The secret file is mostly related to the report by the Justice Mukherjee Committee, which is limited to two files. The classified files include Indian government’s correspondence related to Netaji with countries such as Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Burma and the UK. Unclassified files are those that have not been scoured through properly as yet. These might be related to the relations between Nehru and Bose. The PMO has information about all this. As and when these secrets are let out, the Trinamool and the BJP will be ready to take political advantage of it.

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