BJP’s UP plan

September 21 2014

Why did the BJP take a beating during the UP bi- elections? Did Modi and Amit Shah’s over confidence cross all limitations? Or did the party’s other small and big politicians and party workers have washed their hands off the duo’s self-praise? Rajnath Singh and Varun Gandhi, who have a significant influence in UP, didn’t budge in the by-elections and sat assured. So there was no one to ask voters with BJP affiliation to come out and vote. Indulging in self-praise and drunk on one’s own importance, the BJP leaders didn’t realize that it doesn’t take time for public opinion to change. This is the reason there might be some upheavals in the party in the state in the coming days. The present party President Lakshmikant Vajpayi might have to vacate this post, Yogi Adityanath might be ignored, and some firebrand politician might become the state’s party president. Those such as Varun Gandhi might be placated, and the party’s organization in the state might be shuffled around.

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