BJP’s spoiled brats

February 20 2018

The Parliament session holds a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, which is chaired by the heads of both the Houses. In order to represent the government, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs also marks its presence, while the leaders of the opposition parties also participate.
So similarly, last week the meeting of the committee was convened to discuss which issues are to be tabled in the House. The Rajya Sabha committee meeting was chaired by its chairman Venkaiah Naidu, but no minister was present to represent the government, while the Opposition leaders were present. So the Opposition took advantage of the situation and decided the agenda of the Rajya Sabha with mutual negotiations.
After stepping out from the meeting, Trinamool Congress’ Derek-O’Brien tweeted, “By seeing the attitude of the BJP, one can understand the honor left in them for democratic institutions.”
On one hand, while the Rajya Sabha committee meeting was underway, on the other hand, the meeting of the Lok Sabha committee also took place there. Even from that meeting the government representatives were absent. Sumitra Mahajan thought of the missing ministers to be busy with the Rajya Sabha meeting. But when the hunt for the two begun, neither Anant Kumar nor Arjun Ram Meghwal could be found in the other meeting, too.
So after a good 25 minutes, Meghwal walked into the meeting and some five-ten minutes later appeared Ananth Kumar. Kumar tried clarifying the delay saying he was in a meeting with the PM, but the opposition leaders did not heave any consideration to it

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