BJP’s lost stars in Gujarat

November 20 2017

The BJP seems to be in severe short supply of star campaigners for the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar assembly seats. After the delimitation of 2008, the Ahmedabad Lok Sabha constituency was split into two parts, one of which is Ahmedabad West, of which BJP’s Kirit Solanki is the sitting MP. There are seven assembly segments within this LS constituency, of which two are reserved ones and the rest five are general. The other LS seat, Ahmedabad East, is held by Paresh Rawal of the BJP. There are seven assembly seats under the Parliamentary constituency, all in the general category. Besides these there is the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, held by party veteran LK Advani, which too has seven general category assembly seats subsumed. What ails the BJP is that neither the ailing Advani nor Rawal ever seem to visit their constituencies, a thing of major ire for the voters there. A troubled BJP has thus asked Solanki to handle all three Lok Sabha segments and the assembly seats under them. Result: Solanki’s best of friends can never find him either here or there, and so much for the BJP’s poll management!

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