BJP Mouth Organs: New Order

May 14 2017

The Bharatiya Janata Party has quite a battalion of very articulate spokespersons and you have been encountering every now and then on prime time news channels. But it is becoming increasingly evident that in their saffron haste, they often say things that are not substantiable factually. And the top two in the party, Modi and Shah are well aware of these faux pas. So scuttlebutt is that soon these over enthusiastic spokespersons may be given the sack and will be replaced by some other saffron bugles. However, Shah has another problem in hand: these party loud mouths are seen daily on the channels, but they rarely care to be seen at 11 Ashok Road. So now a new system has been put in place. Now these mouth-organs will have to attend the party office daily, surf through newspapers, TV reports and social media chatter and give a report to the high command.

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