BJP and Modi’s horoscopes

July 27 2015

Since July 14, a lot of change can be seen in the BJP and Narendra Modi’s celestial stars. Let’s talk about the BJP first. Since July 14, Jupiter has entered the Leo sign, which will weaken the former. Which means the BJP might find the road ahead a tough one. It will also have to really slog it out in the coming elections. Taking about prime minister’s horoscope, Jupiter has entered the 10th house since July 14. This is worrying, since it indicated Modi will have to work extra hard. There are also indications that he will not get rewards that are commiserate with his hard work. This is a claim that has been made by Indian astrologer S Chanda, alias Mahesh Chandra Tyagi. Tyagi also claims that on April 7, 2016, when the Hindu calendar (Vikram Samvat) will change, the politics of many countries, including that of India will see significant changes. From March 21, 2015, to April 7, 2016, Saturn will be playing the role of king, and Mars will be in the queen’s position, and will be the cause of a lot of political upheavals. According to S Chand, when the BJP achieved unprecedented success in the 2014 General Elections, Jupiter was in the second house of Cancer sign for the BJP, and it was the Mithun lagna. It was an excellent time for the party. November 2, 2014 onwards, when Saturn entered the Taurus sign, the BJP’s ashtam bhav was being eyed by both Jupiter and Saturn. That is why the BJP is going through such trying times at present.

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