Bihar Heading to Polls

September 18 2017

JD(U) and BJP relations aren’t as warm as before. BJP this time is an equal partner in the government. Nitish has been consulting BJP in every major decision taken by him. Otherwise, he used to simply inform them after taking a crucial decision. Sushil Modi too has reduced himself to being Nitish’s lackey. But, tide has turned this time. Amit Shah doesn’t trust Sushil Modi any more. He feels Sushil has been preferring his interests over party’s. That is why most of decisions are being taken at BJP’s central headquarter in Delhi. Amit Shah convened a meeting of party’s Bihar core committee and instructed them in no uncertain terms that they don’t have to soften towards Nitish. Shah is also working on conducting Assembly elections there before schedule. Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are supposed to go to polls in October-November next year. BJP wants to have Lok Sabha and Bihar Assembly polls too with these state polls. If it doesn’t seem possible then even these state polls may be deferred to coincide with Lok Sabha elections.

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