‘Battle’ Assam far from over!

April 21 2021

Whatever be the election results of Assam, the face-to-face battle, between the BJP vs Congress alliance, has become interesting. Even if the election results are to come on 2 May, the BJP seems to be busy in the efforts to form the government from now on, on the basis of which the Congress alliance candidates are the ones who are showing victory. Sensing the change of loyalties of its candidates, the Congress alliance has sent 20 of its candidates to a resort in Jaipur for their protection, even their mobile phones are no longer with them. These are the candidates with the possibility of victory, among whom the number of candidates of Badruddin Ajmal’s AIUDF is much higher. The process of other coalition candidates coming to Jaipur may also continue, as Congress is worried about horse-trading. Sources associated with the BJP make it clear that the saffron party is worried about the conduct of its big leader in the state, Hemanta Biswa Sarma, who clearly feels that if the BJP once again gets an absolute majority in the state, his claim to the post of chief minister will be sidelined. Hemanta feels that his dream of becoming Chief Minister can be fulfilled only in a ‘Hung Assembly’. Even once in Haryana, when Bhajanlal was the state president and the state election was fought under his leadership, the party supremo Sonia Gandhi handed over the command of the state to Bhupendra Singh Hooda in his place. The fear of the opposition parties was not only in Assam, where a candidate of the Congress alliance changed sides to the BJP during the elections, opposition parties have been facing the same fear in Kerala and Bengal, where BJP strategists are well aware of the weak links of the UDF and TMC that can change the path even after victory.

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