Baru’s investigations

May 04 2014

It doesn’t matter how bad Sanjay Baru may have fared as the prime minister’s media advisor, but his book “The Accidental Prime Minister” on Manmohan Singh is a hit. Sources close to the prime minister have revealed that Manmohan probably had no idea that the publication of this book will cause such a ruckus. Sources also say that till such time that Baru was associated with the prime minister, then National Security Advisor M K Narayanan had a lot of investigation done on him with formal instructions from 10, Janpath. Baru was close to two women journalists during his tenure in the PMO – of this, one is a journalist with a leading english news channel to whom Baru often met at the five-star hotel The Taj. The other journalist is a Gujarati woman and has been in headlines for her links to the Mumbai underworld, it is said that their phone conversations and mail exchanges were also scoured. Sources reveal that back then, Narayanan had also met Baru’s wife and had warned her saying she should keep a keen eye on her husband’s doings. It is said that ever since, there was daily strife between the Baru couple.

  1. Mash Says:

    PMO is doomed it seems, remember Pramod mahajan & SHivani Bhatnagar

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