Barua sitting on a landmine

February 01 2014

Sentenced to death by a court in Bangladesh, Ulfa separatist top leader Paresh Barua will make it tough for the Ulfa cadre to go to the neighbouring Bangladesh and seek refuge. Reliable sources reveal that Paresh Barua is currently staying at Kunming, between Myanmar and China. Ulfa and Barua have a relationship with Bhutan than can be traced back a long time. When Ulfa’s activities were at their peak, its centre was in Bhutan. When relations between Bhutan and India improved, Bhutan chased away Barua from its land at the will of India. Thereafter Barua made Bangladesh his headquarters with the help of Pakistan and he also got support from Khaleda Zia. During that time, Barua’s business spread like never before and was worth nearly Rs 10,000 crore, and included everything from hotels, jute industry, shipping and transport. If Paresh Barua is found guilty, all his property will be confiscated. At the same time, Bangladesh has decided to hand over Anoop Chetia to India. Intelligence sources have revealed that even today, about 200-250 dangerous Ulfa terrorists are holed up in the north-east and pose a big danger for Indian sovereignty.

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