Ban-ned Baja Daud Ka?

November 20 2016

In the upcoming trial at the hustings in Uttar Pradesh, Bharatiya Janata Party will most likely to take credit for currency ban stealing the rug from under the feet of India’s bête noire, both, underworld don Daud Ibrahim and terrorism mastermind Hafeez Sayeed, both based in Pakistan.
According to sources, satta, or illegal betting, over the issue of who would get into White House, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, had reached unbelievable and unprecedented proportions.
Intelligence agencies had apparently estimated that the size of this US polls satta operation, controlled by Daud’s henchmen, was equivalent to the total of satta transactions for scores of cricket matches put together.
Since most Indians had rooted for Clinton, at the end of the US polls, Daud picked up a huge volume of money. Apparently, the ban on currency just a day ahead of the polls, therefore, botched Daud’s attempt to get the sweepstakes funnelled back to Lahore!

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