Baluni bestowed by Modi

March 26 2018

The result of the latest Rajya Sabha polls has reignited the spark in the ‘saffron-camp’. But only a few are aware that there were only a few such candidates from the camp who were bestowed upon by Modi. Otherwise who could have imagined an unknown face like Anil Baluni from Uttarakhand not only racing up against BJP veteran Ram Madhav but also defeat him to score a position in the Upper House.
Looking into the history of this new mystery we come to know that Baluni was once a stringer to meagre newspapers like Kuber Times and JVG Times. With time, both the newspapers shut down and thus Baluni began gravitating around BJP and RSS’ Delhi offices. This way he acquainted Sunder Singh Bhandari.
When Bhandari became the governor of Gujarat, he made Baluni his OSD. This was sometime around 2001. It was the same phase when Modi took over the throne of Gujarat as its CM. Baluni then became the medium of communication between Modi and Bhandari. Unfortunately, Bhandari passed away and a grieved Baluni reached Modi.
Modi then appointed Baluni as the spokesperson of Uttarakhand BJP. When Modi came to power at Centre, Baluni too emerged as the national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Modi never forgets his trusted aides and as a testimony to that, Baluni was obliged with Rajya Sabha.

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