Ballia is in UP?

February 20 2018

While the meeting with Kanimozhi gives the testimony of Rahul Gandhi’s political maturity, but when it comes to politics in UP, he’s still an amateur.
In the recent past, Mayawati’s most trusted ex-confidante Nasimuddin Siddiqui went to meet Rahul, along with his son. Trusted sources believe that when the meeting was on its peak, Rahul asked Nasimuddin: “You are welcome in Congress, but which seat do you seek the ticket from?” To this Nasimuddin said he wants a ticket for his son who wants to contest from Banda.
Hearing this, Rahul once again brought out his ‘pappu’ side and said: “Banda is a historic land, which has given Indian politics a prime minister like Chandra Sekhar ji.” To this, Nasimuddin corrected, “Sir, that’s Ballia and not Banda!” A very surprised Rahul replied, “I always thought Ballia is in Bihar.”

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