Bad days for Raj Thackeray

November 15 2014

Raj Thackeray’s dreams have been crushed with the results of the Assembly elections in Maharashtra. A joke about his party is doing the round on social media, which says that the MNS is on sale on OLX but no one is willing to buy it. Now Raj is trying hard to get into the Shiv Sena with all his other party members; the Shiv Sena is not seeing sunny days either at present. Raj is also said to be miffed with his special friend Nitin Gadkari, who had assured Raj before the elections that the BJP was ready to leave 60 seats for his party for the elections. But when Gadkari had Shah speak to Raj just before the elections, he was offered only seven seats in Mumbai as part of the alliance. Raj took offence to this and asked how he could contest the elections on seven seats when he had 13 Assembly members? And especially when Gadkari ji had given an offer for 60 seats? Shah apparently placated Raj saying, “You must have heard wrong. Even Nitin ji wouldn’t have said 60 seats for seven.” Shah’s foresightedness can be gauged with the elections results.

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