Bachelorhood becomes a heavy burden

August 31 2014

A BJP leader from Bihar who is still a bachelor has been one of the loudest voices when it comes to speaking in favour of Modi. During the Lok Sabha elections, he even matched his step with Amit Shah and campaigned for him with enthusiasm. But he did not get the Lok Sabha ticket; he used to be in Rajnath Singh’s team but when Amit Shah took over as the party president and announced a new team, his name didn’t feature in it. When the leader wanted to know the reason from Amit Shah, the reason gave him quite a shock. The Bihar politician had been in the US for a week last month and a CD was prepared on him that features intimate relations with several women and it reached Amit Shah. But shouldn’t this be forgiven for bachelors, Shah ji? Otherwise the line for such CDs might be long one.

  1. Samraat Gautma Says:

    I am very happy about this and even more glad you’re in my town is the fact that you’re bringing something different news & Ahead of and I hope I’ll get to hear such news

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