Baba’s Track Change

December 19 2016

The gestural and postural changes in Baba Ramdev’s body language suggests that not everything is not hunky dory with the Yoga icon. The strange statement of declaring West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee as “PM material” could be a part of his strategy to hit out. They say that theSangh is a bit unsettled by the Baba’s aggressive marketing policies for his FMCG operations. The Nagpur triumvirate – Mohan Bhagwat, Bhaiyaji Joshi and Dattatreya consider Ram Dev as nothing but a businessman donning the saffron garb. The PM himself, and the next most strong man Nitin Gadkari have ‘special sentiments’ for the Baba, but that is not going down well in Nagpur. Sources believe that the times are changing, and may be that is why, Mamata is PM material for the materialistic Baba.

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