Astrologers foresee catastrophe

January 02 2017

In the light of 2017, the new edition of the leading political magazine Parliamentarian has given a pivotal space to both national and international astrologers’ future predictions. One of them is Sanjay Chaudhary (who forecasted on 1 January 2016 that Donald Trump will become President of America), on the basis of India’s horoscope Sanjay opines that Saturn the slow moving and biggest cosmic player will ingress to Sagittarius till 25 January 2020, it will transit over the 8th House of the Natal Horoscope of India. Also the Moon-Rahu Dasha will commence on 31 January 2017 to 2 August 2018. Collectively, the mundane effect will be shrinking of income for the common man. There will be major business failures. This will be a dark period. Sanjay Chaudhary’s prediction on ruling BJP indicates that party may suffer severe setback in the first quarter of the year. Distress within the party members may lead to many of them shifting loyalties. In April 2017, there is possibility of reshuffle in Modi’s cabinet. Several prominent ministers might lose power. Congress will go for successful tie-ups. Demonetization might give several shock waves to country. There is a lurking probability of tensions on border and toughened relations with China. But March to May 2017 is going to see the Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi seriously suffer from health issues.

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