A’s mission J&K

August 23 2014

Jammu & Kashmir has become a part of Amit Shah’s agenda. Shah is coming up with a Mission 44 plan for the state; out of a total of 87 Assembly seats in Jammu and Kashmir, Hindus have a say in only 21 and two are influenced by the followers of Buddhism. At present, there are 11 BJP members in the Assembly house of the state and Shah wants to take this number to 44. Smriti Irani just got back from there and Amit Shah also got back on last Saturday. Ram Lal, Ram Madhav and J P Naddha are working on the strategy; Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has been there twice in the past two months. Looking at Amit Shah and BJP’s strategy, it is clear that the party is going to contest the elections in the state on hard-Hindutva lines. It wants that in the days to come, the Muslim votes should be divided between National Conference, PDP and the Congress. If need be, the BJP may even form its coalition with some small parties just like it had in 1987.

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