Are Rahul and Amit Shah on same pedestal for Scindia?

June 20 2020

Jyotiraditya Scindia is an old Congress leader and hence he has not coloured himself properly in BJP’s saffron. Since he has studied abroad, hence in his thoughts and behaviour, one can easily witness the stamp of western civilization. Till the time he was in Congress, he was regarded as Rahul’s faithful and after Rahul was appointed Party President, he would still address the Gandhi-scion with his first name, Rahul and even Rahul Gandhi also never felt bad. Now that he has joined BJP, Scindia continues to call the saffron leaders with their first name. Just imagine if any BJP leader address Shah and Nadda by first name – Amit and JP – how will the BJP workers digest that? Since the culture in Sangh and BJP do not permit usage of the first name for senior leaders, so if Jyotiraditya wants to remain in BJP he will have to learn to play the BJP’s band.

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