Are Lalit Modi’s days numbered?

July 05 2015

The Modi government has given finishing touches to tighten its grip around Lalit Modi. The all-powerful Arun Jaitley holds the reins of “Operation Lalit”. The government’s investigative agencies such as RAW, IB and the ED have sifted through reams of paperwork against him. Sources at the highest level say that instead of FEMA, now a case of PMLA, that is Prevention of Money Laundering, may be registered against him. Investigative agencies have found out that during the UPA rule, a case of money laundering against him had been registered by the then BCCI chief Srinivasan with the Chennai Police. In the case, it was allegedly said on Srinivasan’s behalf that illegal money was exchanging hands through the Mauritius route. But the complaint could not become an FIR because Supriya Sule spoke to Kanhimozhi and got the matter brushed under the carpet. The complaint against Lalit Modi could not be registered because Tamil Nadu was under the DMK rule and Lalit Modi had extremely good relations with Sharad Pawar and Sule then. Wielding its power, the ED is now converting this complaint into an FIR, so that a case of PMLA may be registered against Lalit Modi. This will help in issuing a Red Corner Notice against him, which will mean Lalit Modi can be arrested from any airport and brought back to India. Acting to be free is the biggest fraud; after all, the water lies cages in earthenware.

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