Aparna’s got her own mind

August 22 2016

At present, any political leader or bureaucrat who goes to Netaji with complains about Akhilesh, gets a patient hearing from the man. Not only that, the person is also assured of action on the same. However, Mulayam is said to have not liked the announcement that his daughter-in-law made about contesting the 2017 Assembly elections from Lucknow. In the beginning, even Akhilesh was not agreeable to this decision by Aparna, but sources say Prof Ramgopal made him understand it wasn’t such a bad thing. That is because it was tough for Aparna to win elections from Lucknow, and the voters from the hills that she is banking upon will be divided between her and Congress’ Rita Bahuguna. In a fight between the two, the BJP candidate might be the winner, because BJP’s cadre vote is strong in cities. Shivpal has tried to warn of this to Aparna many times, saying that the opposition group wants to give her the ticket from Lucknow and finish it off. Netaji too has understood the game, and that is why he is angrier with Akhilesh.

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