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June 19 2022

Recently, BJP’s Barrackpore MP and West Bengal BJP vice-president Arjun Singh left the BJP and joined TMC. Arjun Singh had joined BJP in 2019 from TMC and won the elections. The BJP had constituted a ‘Fact Finding Committee’ to find out the reason behind Arjun Singh leaving the party, and the report of this committee is somewhat shocking. In fact, Arjun Singh had gone to a senior minister of the Modi government with a delegation of jute traders from Bengal recently. It is said that the minister stirred up his MP in front of the delegation and said, “What do you have to do with this matter.” The MP was shocked and although he complained about this to ‘two seniors’, but the minister is dear to both of them, so when there was no hearing, it was then that Arjun Singh made up his mind to go to Trinamool.

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