Ananth gets his lessons

February 23 2015

During recent Delhi assembly elections BJP completely washed out in rural areas. It is said that farmers are extremely annoyed with Modi and their anger has spread among farmers of Haryana, UP and Rajasthan as well. During the ongoing introspection of saffron party, it has come to light that anger among farmers are for the reason that they neither received fertilizers not pesticides on time this year and this has happened due to the failures of the Ministry of Fertilizer and Chemicals. In fact Morocco and Turkey are two nations from were India imports Phosphorus and Fertilizers. However, ever since new minister has come, there has been tussle on between suppliers and ministry. The ministry has argued that they are unable to reach a consensus with old suppliers on rates. That’s why ministry is looking for fresh suppliers and that is the cause for delay. It’s believed that Modi took a class of minister in charge, Ananth Kumar on this matter and he is believed to have taken the lesson seriously.

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