Anandi in a state of ‘anand’

January 24 2018

BJP top echelon had to stand by its promise to former Gujarat chief minister Anandi Ben Patel, and ultimately the party has announced her appointment as the new governor of Madhya Pradesh. Prior to this, a long-run battle was on between Anandi Ben and the top leadership of BJP. From ticket distribution in the Gujarat elections to division of ministry, Anandi Ben’s resentment was visibly at its apex. When Nitin Patel, who is associated with the Patel community and maintains close terms with Anandi Ben, elevated the flag of revolt on being allotted a ministry of lesser importance, he obviously got the blessings of Ben. After this, Hardik Patel dialled Nitin Patel, who asked him to ring him up on WhatsApp call. Hardik said that there is nothing to hide in it. The world (Modi-Shah) should know that despite such adverse circumstances, the Patels unite as one. Sources reveal that after this an important meeting of Patel MLAs was hosted by Anandi Ben, in which 17 Patel MLAs participated. After this, Shah dialled Anandi Ben asking, “Why are you doing this?” Sources tell that to this Anandi Ben responded, “You did not stand by your promise, you are anti-Patel. You have not given a ticket to my son, and gave the ticket to my seat to my opponent.” It is said that after that, the supremo – Modi – had to himself take over the issue in his own hands, only after which Ben quit on the fight and has been rewarded for the same now.

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