Anand in ‘anand’

August 15 2020

Anand Kumar of Bihar, famous for his ‘Super Thirty’, based on which a movie was made which was extremely successful, is now exploring his new role in the Bihar assembly elections. At one time Anand used to be in close proximity of BJP-Sangh, and in 2018, BJP also promised to give him Rajya Sabha seat, but by then there was a big controversy about Super Thirty. It is said that Anand claimed that 26 out of the thirty students selected in the IIT, were his but, later it was found that the number of correct students coming to the IITs was only 3. Hrithik Roshan, the hero of that film, had also tweeted and called the 26 successful children to Mumbai to give them a party, but when the situation got complicated, the actor also had to delete that tweet. Seeing the contradiction, the BJP backed away from its promise, and that is when Anand became close to Nitish Kumar. Nitish proposed to make Anand a MLC, but Anand did not agree to anything other than Rajya Sabha, so disputes started between the two. Now Anand wants his younger brother Pranab Kumar to contest the upcoming assembly elections from Aurangabad or Alwar on RJD ticket. Anand Kumar is a Chandravanshi Kahar by caste which has a large vote bank in both these constituencies. According to sources, recently, Anand Kumar has approached a major Hollywood director to make a film on his life in Hollywood too and he is willing to invest some money in this film.

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