Amma’s U-Turn

October 06 2015

There have been differences between Amma and the BJP and it seems to be the only valid reason for cancelling the two day Extended Monsoon Session of the Parliament which was called to discuss the CST Bill. The Tamil Queen and Supremo has already voiced her opinion that she is not in favour of the GST Bill. During her meeting with the PM in Chennai, all the focus of her discussion was on the impending legal matters and court cases she was involved in. S Guru Murthy and Ch Ramaswamy from BJP were in constant touch with Jaya Lalitha. It is also said that Nitin Gadkari & Ravi Shankar Prasad are having good terms with the Tamil Supremo, but sources reveal that when Gadkari and Prasad had been to Chennai on their respective tours, Jaya Lalitha did not meet them after giving them time and cancelled the meeting at the last moment, which shows that she is somehow not happy with the policies of the NDA Govt.

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