Amma is angry

January 06 2016

Modi government is giving its all to pacify and placate Tamil queen Jayalalithaa. In the past few days, at least three Central ministers have gone to Chennai to meet her. First Arun Jaitley met with her, and then it was Venkaiah Naidu who went to Chennai to see her and wish her a happy new year, where he had a long discussion with the Tamil Nadu chief minister. The BJP wants an alliance with the AIDMK for the coming Assembly elections in the state. Sources say that Venkaiah Naidu has even made an offer to Jayalalithaa saying that if she leaves 25 seats for the BJP, the saffron party is open to an election alliance with her party. But Amma is extremely miffed with the Modi government; she feels the Central government didn’t help her much with legal matters as much as it could, and as it had promised. Then Law Minister Sadanand Gowda himself went to meet Jayalalithaa in Chennai. Sources say Gowda told Amma, “We can’t do too much about the legal cases that are in the court against you, but yes, we won’t push them forward.” Amma replied back dryly, saying, “All right, then. In that case, no election alliance can take place between us and you. What I can do for the BJP is not to contest a candidate from Kanyakumari, and one or two other constituencies, so that the BJP can be assured of a win there.” Sadanand Gowda returned with a long face.

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