America’s arrogance

December 22 2013

America does not seem to be bound with the mores and laws of history and geography – what’s worse, its ego and arrogance are unsurpassable. Devyani Khobragade is not the only example of America the bully. In the past, too, America has registered five cases against different Indian ambassadors and consulates. One of them managed to flee and return to India somehow, but the Interpol release a lookout notice against him. Devyani will also get some relief only when she gets a green signal from the President; after all, nothing is above law in the country called America. Domestic help Sangeeta Richard’s parents, who work in the American embassy in India, had a big role to play in Devyani matter. It is only after their complain that the American administration started to investigate Devyani’s maid matter.As per Indian Government norms there is a provision of help allowance Rs 7000 only,which is meagre compared the America’s minimum daily wages. So in a planned move, America first obliged Sangeeta’s husband and children by giving them a special  American visa and getting them to New York. It was only a week later that the Devyani matter started to gain momentum.

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