All’s upside down in UP

April 08 2016

Is all not well in Akhilesh’s reign in UP? There is speculation aplenty about the seat of power in the state. A marvelous elevated highway is supposed to be built in Mulayam Singh’s home constituency Sefai, for which tenders are being accepted. Sources say at such a time, the district’s executive engineer gets a phone call from state’s roadways minister Shivpal Singh Yadav, who asks him to give the project to his favoured contractor. Soon after, the executive engineer got a call from Mulayam Singh and then the chief minister himself, and each one wants him to give the project to the contractor or builder firm of their choice. The poor executive engineer is caught in the middle, and doesn’t know who to obey and the matter gets hung in the middle. One day when the chief minister got off at Sefai’s helipad, he asked the DM to call the engineer there itself and spoke to him in harsh words. The executive engineer blurted out that chachaji (paternal uncle) wanted the project to go to someone else. If sources are to be believed, this left Akhilesh fuming and he said, “Who is the chief minister – me or chachaji?” After the chief minister left, the executive engineer called all the three contractors referred to by the father, son and the uncle, folded his hands and told them, “Friends, please divide the work among each other and get me out of this tight spot.” The contractors complied and the engineer got to keep his job.

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