All’s not well for Keshav

April 21 2016

In a way, it was Sangh that pushed for Maurya’s name saying he was not a controversial figure, he has also been a Sangh pracharak, and that no one can accuse him of being biased towards anyone. The backward Maurya caste that he belongs to has 6-7 per cent votes in UP. But when the welcome programme for Maurya was organized in Lucknow, no national leader from Delhi participated in it. Neither Rajnath Singh attended the programme, neither did Kalraj Mishra. Neither was Varun Gandhi there, nor Yogi Adityanath. Sources say UP heavyweight Rajnath Singh showed his annoyance to Amit Shah by saying he found out about Maurya’s name from TV, and that the party high command did not even care to take his approval. Which means the coming days might be full of tough tests for Maurya.

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